martyrs Wael Hamzeh / EPA

The American University of Beirut Medical Center published today few tips on how to protect yourself during the sandstorm. Five people already died and over 750 cases of asphyxiation or shortness of breath were reported so it’s important to stay safe and follow these health and safety tips:

1. Avoid going outside except when necessary. Avoid outdoor activities and keep your windows and doors closed.
2. Opt for air conditioning instead of fresh air, and make sure you do not open your car windows.
3. Use a mask or damp piece of cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
4. Avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent any eye infection. Rinse your eyes with water, and wear your eyeglasses instead of your contact lenses.
5. If you are allergic, start using antihistamines even before the symptoms start.

I would also add:

6- Avoid wearing contact lenses.
7- Drive carefully and more slowly. Pull over when visibility is low.

In case you experiencing severe trouble breathing, make sure to visit the Lebanese Red Cross (140) or contact your doctor.

sandstorm Source: AP

Beirut beach Source: AP