Three years ago, I posted about the Mseilha dam asking why wasn’t it completed yet; the Energy Ministry claimed back then works are still underway and that we have to wait till 2021 for the dam to be fully operational. Fast forward to 2023 and the dam is still not working so what’s happening?

The Mseilha dam is failing repeatedly to retain any waters apparently due to major flaws in its construction and is proving to be yet another gigantic waste of money. Also, the ministry has yet to provide a valid justification for this failure and is even refusing to hand over all documents and information related to the Mseilha Dam as per the the Access to Information Law.

In fact, the matter was raised to the Shura council by journalist Edmond Sassine and lawyer Ali Abbas and State Shura Judge Karl Irani decided to fine the Ministry of Energy and Water LBP 3 million Lebanese starting yesterday, and for every day of delay in implementing the judicial decision issued last April to hand over data related to the dam.

The minister will most likely continue to ignore the request and avoid sharing information that might embarrass the party which brought him to power.

In the mean time, the Mseilha dam is empty of course and won’t be full before winter or before upcoming elections (manual fill).