This is hilarious news to kick off the day. Director of the Turkish power ship Fatmagul is apparently suffering from the electricity blackouts in Beirut and has subscribed to a local generator in Gemmayze where he lives.

Meanwhile Fatmagul is still not working and might require a subscription as well as funnily suggested by Armand Homsi. According to Minister Bassil, there’s nothing wrong with the fuel being supplied to the Turkish power ship and the ministry is not to be blamed here.

In such cases, a full investigation should be launched to clarify this issue and penalize the responsible for this. This will never happen in Lebanon but I think Minister Bassil should push for an investigation the soonest to set things straight if what he is saying is true. If the Turks are to blame, let them go back with their polluting power ships home. Such a matter is more important IMHO than launching dams that probably will never see the light.

While at it, there’s another scandal linked to the Zouk Power Plant that should be dealt with legally too. You can check it out [Here].