The #FithWithMichele fundraising campaign which was kicked off a month ago to help cover Michele Hajal’s $740K curative treatment (CAR-T CELLS THERAPY) in the United States has succeeded and Michele will be on her way to get treatment and hopefully recover fully.

Here’s the message she posted on her insta:

People are asking themselves how did we do it? How were we able to reach our target in less than one month?
First, it’s definitely God’s will. I asked him to guide us to the right way if this is for my good. And this is what He did! If this wasn’t a miracle, then what was it!?🙏🏼
Second, I will be forever grateful for these people in my life. They worked hard to make this happen. They didn’t ask anything in return. They never failed to put a smile on my face. They showed me the meaning of true love and that angels still exist!❤️
I can never thank you enough.
I love you & I will do anything for you!💚

It’s always heartwarming to see Lebanese put their differences aside to help someone in need. Tens of NGOs, institutions, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, schools, universities took part in the fundraising and played a vital role in collecting all this money to save Michele’s life.

Now we can only hope that the treatment goes well and she gets back to living a normal cancer-free life soon enough. You can follow Michele’s updates [here].