We always tell foreigners (mostly jokingly) about being able to “Swim & Ski” on the same day in Lebanon but we never get to do it, mainly due to traffic LOL, but Silvio Chiha wants to make it happen and is collaborating with Alfa to complete an exciting “Mountain to Sea” challenge as part of its nationwide #LivePlus Campaign to introduce 4G+.

Silvio Chiha is a Lebanese water skiing champion and an inspiration to all the Lebanese youth. He’s been sending out positive vibes and messages of hope through previous videos and he’s off once again to promote Lebanon in all its positive aspects under Alfa’s Nationwide #LivePlus Campaign.

I loved the ad and the idea behind it that we’re a generation of doers, even though we’re not really proving to be as such. We tend to react rather than proact and are not doing much to change the wrongdoings around us, whether it’s the garbage crisis, corruption, elections, slow broadband internet, animal abuse and women rights to name few. Despite all that, we need to stay hopeful and promote any positive message that could incite young generations to shake up the status-quo.

The challenge will be broadcasted live and should start soon. You will be able to follow it on Alfa’s FB Page.