In a not very surprising – given the French President Macron’s latest promises to help Lebanese students in France – yet very welcome initiative given the current economic crisis that is plaguing the country, Campus France has sent pupils joining the French territory for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year an email stipulating the possibility of receiving 500 euros of aid from the French Government if you fill ALL of the following conditions:

1- You are Lebanese.

2- You are a student recently affiliated with a French university.

3- You have joined France this year.


And given that you provide the following information by mail to before December 1, 2020:

1- Your first and last names, as well as the date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format in the subject field of the email.

2- A copy of your Lebanese passport.

3- A copy of the certificate issued by the French university you are affiliated with confirming your status as a student enrolled in their curriculum.

4- A copy of the RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire) related to your French bank account.


This way, the 500 euros will compensate for the enrollment fees normally required from any student desiring to join a French university, and will be reimbursed once Campus France receives your details and replies back with a special certificate to present to the institution.


To note that starting November 11, every Lebanese citizen (11+ years of age) willing to visit France will have to provide a negative PCR test upon arrival, done within 72 hours, or else they will not be allowed in the country.