France and its president have been working harder than the Lebanese authorities following the devastating explosion and French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Beirut on Thursday morning and meet with Lebanese officials. Paris has already dispatched two planeloads of specialists, rescue workers and supplies on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lebanese politicians have been touring the crime scene with their never-ending convoys, blaming their opponents on what happened and forming new useless committees. It’s been almost two days now and not a single arrest has been made, not a single resignation submitted!

We know it was negligence and incompetence that led to keeping these tons of ammonium nitrate in the port, but we still don’t know what triggered the explosion, and chances are we will never know. Today they were cleaning up the crime scene, and the Interior Minister refused any foreign investigation, which might not be possible with all the evidence gone now.

I’ve seen many signing petitions asking France to occupy us again, many are confident Macron is going to reprimand our politicians but trust me, nothing is gonna happen if we don’t do anything about it. Politicians are preparing to kiss a$$ now by organizing lunches, welcome drinks, rehearsing on their empty and shitty speeches, while people are still looking for their loved ones under the rubble. We have a president who hasn’t addressed his people since the blast, a PM picking up flags at the Serail and giving lessons to the French, a Speaker of the parliament no where to be seen, and the list goes on and on.

Beirut is destroyed. Hundreds of kills and missing, thousands of injured, buildings shattered, houses flattened, and yet you will see those politicians tomorrow act as if nothing happened, and figure out ways to beg for money and stay in power by appeasing the French.