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The protest took place 10 days ago on the Dahr al-Baidar international highway at the Falougha intersection and as usual, the reports coming from the residents and the ministry are conflicting. In fact, officials are saying there are no dangers presented by the dam but it seems hard to believe specially if you read some of the comments and arguments raised against the dam:

1- Why was the dam relocated from the Qaysamani area to Mghiteh which contains the Chaghour fall and is a protected area? Is it true that the dam construction will contaminate the Chaghour water, which is the key water source of Hammana?

2- Residents are claiming the potential risk of flooding will drastically increase if the dam is built. Also they will be getting less electricity.

3- Hammana mayor is against the dam and most of the protestors are claiming this project will only benefit the Kuwaitis (Who are funding the damn by the way). It seems someone wants to come up with a touristic project around the dam in few years time.

I think Minister Bassil should sit down with the town residents and answer their concerns if he’s that confident the dam will only be beneficial for them and doesn’t present any dangers. It doesn’t make sense that they protest and block the highway just to have fun.

The residents of Hammana in the Upper Metn region blocked the main Beirut Damascus road in Daher al-Baydar at the Falougha intersection to protest the establishment of the al-Qaisamani dam in the Falougha area , claiming it would affect their region’s potable water, MTV reported on Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, schools had suspended classes and church bells were rung in protest, National News Agency reported. [Link]