Remember when we were promised 24/7 electricity in 2015? Then in 2017? Then before summer is here? Instead, the highest generator bills we paid this year were in May and June this year and the worst is yet to come.

We’ve seen ministers blame the electricity crisis on refugees, on corruption, on other parties yet no short-term solutions are being implemented to compensate for the power shortage, except further polluting power ships of course. I paid $260 for 15AMP in June while my electricity bill is barely 60$.

Who’s to blame? The authorities alone. In fact, I asked a couple of generator owners and they told me outage hours have almost doubled from last year, forcing them to buy further fuel (which ironically goes into the government’s pockets) and therefore charging us bigger bills. The government is also apparently not buying enough fuel because prices have gone up.

Meanwhile, and instead of rushing to form a government and start working on these imminent issues, our politicians are watching the World Cup and taking vacations. I really hope those who voted for the same ruling class less than two months ago started regretting it, unless they’re still too brainwashed and short-sighted to realize who’s at fault.