I think we should stop coming up with jokes when it comes to serious matters because the authorities are taking us way too seriously. I can’t believe they actually invited hunters to shoot down the seagulls today and let the horrendous pictures and videos circulate in the media.

Put aside the fact that this is a crime against nature and that this is the worst possible solution to get rid of seagulls, which is safer? birds flying around the airport or hunters shooting them down? What if some idiot shoots at a plane or towards the airport by mistake? What happens then? We get snipers to shoot the hunters down? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!

There are so many crimes committed by Lebanese hunters that I’ve lost count, and the majority of them doesn’t give a sh*t about nature or safety or even which weapons to use. I’ve seen people shoot down birds with AKs and M16s and brag about it online.

This is just sad.