My friend was telling me yesterday about a tragic incident in an amusement park in Aley and then I saw the report at night on MTV. A young kid has apparently died after falling off the roller coaster, while his cousin got some serious injuries. According to the amusement park management, the kid was asked to sit down twice which he didn’t do but that’s utter nonsense. The person who was managing that ride should have stopped it immediately if he thought someone is violating basic safety rules and regulations. Something doesn’t add up here and a thorough investigations needs to be performed.

The worst part is that both the municipality and the Ministry of Tourism denied any responsibility and stated that it’s not their job to perform safety inspections. If that’s the case then who is making sure amusement parks are safe in Lebanon?

To be honest, I never really felt safe in any of Lebanon’s amusement parks and I always wondered if there are security checks being performed as safety should be the #1 priority in any amusement park. Of course accidents are bound to happen and injuries may occur when guests don’t follow safety guidelines but there are many ways to ensure guests, especially young children, are kept safe.

There aren’t that many amusement parks in Lebanon and most of them are really old so I hope that this tragic accident will push the authorities to properly inspect them and make sure they are abiding by the rules and regulations (if there are any).

Sincere condolences to the family.