My wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 9:17am this morning weighing 2.87 kilos. I’m not sure I can describe how it felt to see the baby popping out but it was an intense and amazing feeling. Having a child was always on the top of my list and as clichΓ© as this may sound, holding our baby Brian today was the happiest (and scariest) moment of my life. People told me some guys cry when they see their baby for the first time but I didn’t, probably because I watched the whole operation and was still a bit shocked from what I saw.

I know a baby is a huge responsibility and that life will change for me now but I don’t know in what sense. People said the same thing when I got married but things got much better for me back then so I’m hoping the same will happen. Things will get busier I’m sure, and I will have less time to do things but you can always manage. Funnily enough, the long post I wrote on Fiber Optics in Lebanon was between 10pm and 3am while waiting for the contractions to come so I might end up blogging more during these long sleepless nights.

Many thanks to everyone for their wishes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rest assured I won’t be flooding your timeline with baby pictures because I don’t like people who do that and I think too much of anything is bad.

20150702_073845 Thank you Joelle for this most useful gift πŸ™‚

20150702_074019 Thank you Roy, Jenny, Rachel, Nadine, Cynthia, Nadim, Wajid, Nicola, my colleagues at work and all the friends and family who showed up yesterday or sent flowers.