Lebanese University President Fouad Ayoub issued a circular asking students “to respect the reputation of the university, its professors & staff, and not to criticize or attack any of them on any media or social media outlet”.

This comes after students have been campaigning for weeks to organize exams online due to COVID-19. However and instead of treating the pandemic and students’ safety as a top priority, the LU President wants to silence them and the Education Minister is insisting on reopening schools on time.

Not only are COVID-19 cases increasing daily in Lebanon, but most educational institutions are not well equipped to welcome back students at 100% capacity, and don’t have enough equipment to organize classes online. So in other words, they’re putting students & teachers at risk, and anyone who criticizes them gets reprimanded.

The LU President is an image of the corrupt and abusive authorities. This is not the image Lebanon’s only public university should be portraying, and students should not be paying the price of Lebanese University’s corruption.