isf2 via ISF

The ISF set up checkpoints yesterday and were distributing fliers to remind the Lebanese about the new traffic law and driving responsibly. They also shared the below video as part of their awareness campaign.

This is all good but the problem is that the new traffic law is not working. In fact, it stopped working since October if not before and the ISF is to blame for many reasons that I’ve stated on several occasions:

– Policemen are still breaking the law and should be punished more severely when they do so as they are role models for others to follow.
– People are using wasta to remove the fines.
– The idea from the new traffic law should be to help people become aware of the traffic law and care about their own safety, not just fine them and send the money elsewhere.
– Lebanese should know that the fines they are paying are going somewhere to improve the infrastructure.
– The law is being applied in specific areas.

In fact, if you look at the pictures above that were tweeted by the ISF, both cars are breaking the law yet the policeman is handing them flyers instead of fining or reprimanding them. Moreover, the violations shown in the video below happen on a daily basis in front of policemen yet barely any action is taken.

We all want the new traffic law to work and our roads to be safer but policemen shall at all times respect and obey the law and set good examples, otherwise things will never work out. This morning, I spotted at least 3 violations by cops and army men on my way to work.