(Picture taken from inside Le Yen and you can see the parking in front)

It is either all Lebanese like to show off or are plain stupid. That’s the only rational conclusion I could come up with yesterday while having dinner at Le Yen in Antelias. Le Yen is a really good Sushi place for those unaware of it.

Why am I saying that about the Lebanese?
Because I usually try to avoid giving my car to the valet parking people in Lebanon since they are not trustworthy and could wreck your car (And most importantly they make sure they mention on the small ticket they give you that they are not responsible of any damages or thefts that might occur to your car).

The great thing about Le Yen and Carlito’s is that there is a parking right across the street as you can see in the picture below meaning that you never need to give it to the Valet parking there, yet throughout the night, most people who visited the place gave it to the Valet instead of parking and we are not talking fancy cars here, just random cars.

Is it this hard to park your own car? or to walk for barely 1 minute? or maybe it is harmful to the public image that you don’t give the valet your car?