It’s no surprise that our society is a conservative one with a majority of people opposed to gay rights and even the simplest women and human rights. However, being an ultra-conservative is one thing and bragging about opposing an international bill calling for the respect of gay rights at a Geneva conference is a whole different story.

The Lebanese delegation headed by Speaker Nabih Berri has been bragging for a week now about working actively against the bill’s endorsement at the 139th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly, which eventually led to its failure. The final votes came out at 636 against and 499 in favor.

Again I wasn’t expecting our delegation to vote in favor, but to see a female MP bragging about opposing this bill is quite ironic, especially when she should understand what injustice feels like given how notorious Lebanese laws are against women. The worst part is that several members of this delegation are the ones opposing any advancements in women rights in Lebanon.

All in all, we’ve reached sad times where the whole world is embracing differences while we’re promoting backwardness.