Sevag Babikian is the only Lebanese contestant left in Stars of Science, which is a reality TV show by MBC dedicated to innovation and aimed at promoting young Arab innovators. Sevag got ranked first in lab in prototyping and customer validation and will be joined by two other contestants in the finals.


Who is Sevag? What is his project?
Sevag Babikian is a 27 years old mechanical engineer who graduated from the American University of Beirut. He has been immersed in the family business of hydraulics since a young age and is an instructor at AUB.

Sevag’s invention is the Efficient Desktop 3D printer, which aims to solve this problem, advancing this production method of the future. In his mind, optimizing 3D printers also means creating momentum for more ambitious designs and impactful products from all innovators. ā€œStars of Science helps us to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible. I see my project as a way for anyone who works with a 3D printer to do the same.ā€

Here’s a video that explains Sevag’s invention:

You can check Sevag’s updates on his [Facebook page].