When asked to choose between Lebanon and Armenia, Lebanon’s Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian answered “Armenia”. Guidanian was a host on Mona Abou Hamze’s “Talk of the Town” show and the answer came during the “Heik wou Heik” section where he had to choose between two options. You’d think that he rushed his answer and replied instinctively but he did hesitate on previous questions and refused to comment when asked to choose between “Israel & Turkey” so that’s not really the case.

To be honest, I’m not surprised or outraged by his answer because Armenia is his mother country and a lot of Armenian-Lebanese feel the same way, but given that he’s the Minister of Tourism, whose job is to promote Lebanon, he shouldn’t have picked “Armenia”. You cannot be the Lebanese Minister of Tourism and come out on TV and say you prefer Armenia over Lebanon. That’s just wrong and he should clarify that matter.

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