Yes we do have a beautiful country where one can ski and swim, party and enjoy some great local dishes, but the quality of every day life in Lebanon has been deteriorating for years now, and it comes as no surprise to see us so badly ranked in the yearly study conducted by US News & World Report in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton. The study broke down 80 countries’ overall rankings based “on 75 different metrics.”

Each of those metrics was then placed into one of nine subcategories that included:

A good job market
Economic stability
Family friendly
Income equality
Politically stable
Well-developed public health system
Well-developed public education system

Last year, Lebanon ranked 75th out of 80 while this year we dropped one spot to 76th. If we look at the overall rankings, we ranked worst in quality of life, openness for business, citizenship and adventure.

In terms of quality one life, we ranked 78th out of 80.

Needless to say, corruption, political incompetence, pollution and instability due to the Syrian conflict affect such rankings but there are so many simple matters that we could be working on to improve yet choose not to. You can check out the full report [here].