As if it’s not expensive enough to buy drinks at pubs and night clubs in Lebanon, the government is apparently planning to impose an additional 500% tax on alcohol. According to this MTV report:

– The tax on 1 liter of wine and champagne will increase from 200 LL to 1000 LL.
– The tax on 1 liter of beer will increase from 60 LL to 300 LL.
– The tax on 1 liter of Vodka and Whiskey will from 400 LL to 2000 LL.

I’m not really sure who came up with that plan, but this is a suicidal decision especially when the tourism sector is suffering big time. If anything, this decision will make way for more smuggled alcohol and boost the production of bad alcohol.

500%? This is ridiculous! Why don’t they increase taxes on cigarettes and Arguile?