During the summer, i turn on the AC most of the time, so i don’t really smell anything on the maritime road, but now is this time of year where it’s too cold to turn on the AC and too hot to close the windows. This is where you get to enjoy the smells of the various part of the maritime road, all sponsored by our loving and caring ministry of tourism.

In Part 1 as shown above, you have the Garbage Mountain smell, a unique and breathtaking (literaly) smell.

In Part 2, there was a bubble gum smell yesterday. I have no clue where it came from but it was there.

In Part 3, you get to smell rotten fish and last but not least in Part 4, you have all the Matn sewers being dropped into the sea.

Of course the concerned officials made sure there’s traffic at any time anyday on this road in order for us to embrace the smells well.