A Lebanese company called DoubleU S.A.L has developed two Itunes applications that provide information on any Lebanese citizen, including his first name, family name, father’s name, marital status, full home address, financial debt status and lots of other information for only 6.99$. [App1, App2]

All you need to query is one’s mobile number or car plate.

Copying or stealing databases is a direct violation of the Lebanese Penal Code. The only people who can legally solicit this information are the police or judicial authorities. “Therefore, any kind of usage of this information…is strictly illegal,” states Dr. Toni Issa, lawyer and president of the IT Committee for the Beirut Bar Association. [NowLebanon]

I personally know many people who have access to those MS Access databases, which are regularly stolen from the authorities and put on a cd and distributed around. I join here BloggingBeirut’s call to all privacy advocates in Lebanon to spread the message on this unethical behavior and serious breach of privacy.

Here is more information about the company, Double U SAL:

Ziad Salameh
DoubleU S.A.L
81St. George Bld. – Maarad Str.
Nejmeh Square , Beirut, Downtown, Beirut 00961 Lebanon
(961) 198-8883