Alfa Telecom announced yesterday during a press conference that they will be reducing their internet mobile prices from 10 to 20% and launched two new bundles:

Start-Up: $45 that will include 550 minutes of local talk time, 100 SMS and 1.5GB mobile data.
VIP: $185 that will include 2200 minutes of local talk, 120 minutes of international talk, unlimited SMS and 15GB of internet.

Needless to say, any decrease in prices is always most welcome of course and I’m sure Touch will be doing the same as well. The official prices will probably be shared by the Telecom Ministry on Monday or sometime next week.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of unlimited packages or a change to the outrageous current extra MB consumption pricing. To be honest, I’m very satisfied with my mobile data plan in terms of price and speed but what annoys me the most is the extra MB consumption that I have to pay.

I’m paying $49 for 10GB yet 1 extra MB costs 0.07$ which means that 100MB of extra consumption costs $7, so 1GB of extra consumption costs almost twice as much as my whole plan, which doesn’t make any sense. I think they should lower this cost or simply downgrade the speed after exceeding our quota. If my 4G quota is over, I get downgraded to 3G then to 2G till the next cycle.

This is a decision that the Telecom Ministry has to take and that will definitely please all heavy internet users.


In other good news, I was able to connect to 4G+ for the first time earlier this morning.

PS: I will share the official new prices as soon as they are out!