It looks like the government is set to approve a new plan consisting of three stages and bring in two additional powerships in Stage 1 to supply electricity to the power grid in Lebanon. The powerships will provide an extra 800 to 1000 MW and significantly reduce power-cuts. Stage 2 will consist of investing in renewable energies and we should have two new power plants in Zahrani and Salaata in Stage 3.

Needless to say, all the Lebanese (except generator owners) would be more than delighted if the average electricity supply improves but bringing in powerships is a short-term and short-sighted strategy and they’re probably adopting it to look good in the upcoming elections. Just to refresh your memory, the Fatmagul powerships we brought five years ago stopped working a couple of times and were polluting big time.

In fact, I don’t see how this whole plan will solve the real problem with our electricity, that is corruption, electricity theft and uncollected bills. We need to decentralize and privatize electricity in this country, otherwise we will keep bringing in powerships.

Here’s how I predict our coast will look like by 2030 LOL!