The new prices that Ogero announced almost a month ago were finally approved in today’s session with even further reduction in monthly subscription prices. While speeds will remain the same for most plans depending on technical capacity, the newly introduced “Open Speed” plans will offer internet users with speeds similar to the ones we witnessed (10 to 12MBps) during the Unleash the Speed campaign.

Here are some of the newly announced packages:
– 2Mbps: Unlimited at 60,000 LBP
– 4Mbps: 40GB at 24000 LBP
– Open Speed (Depending on Copper Wire capacity): 50GB at 30,000 LBP
– Open Speed (Depending on Copper Wire capacity): 100GB at 45,000 LBP
– 2 MBps Dedicated: Unlimited at 180,000 LBP

E1 prices were also substantially reduced.

You can check out the rest below: