I was helping my friend park his car in Achrafieh and I suggested he uses one of the Park Meter spots. We purchased a coupon at 9:18am that lasts until 12:18 as you can see below. When we went back to renew it around noon, we were surprised to see that we got a fine.

I called the Park Meter Customer Line to ask about the fine. They answered me that the coupon was probably not showing clearly or put upside down and that I have to wait for the pictures taken by the officer that will be available the next day. I called the next day and as it turns out, the coupon was apparently not showing clearly. I couldn’t confirm if what she was saying was true as I didn’t see the pictures but I told her I still have the coupon (see above) and it is a valid one.

I thought she’d ask me to email it to her or bring the paper to their offices but instead, she told me they can’t do anything about it and I still have to pay the fine. Her argument was that the regulations are clear. Assuming she’s right and I misplaced the coupon, why can’t they cancel the fine if I submit the valid coupon? What sort of logic is that?