A friend of mine who had recently arrived from France asked me to take him out to lunch somewhere that had a sea view. Considering it was around 6pm (rush hour), we decided to stay in Beirut in order to avoid traffic and so headed towards Raouche to try out Petit Cafe.

The place looked really nice from the inside but also had an outdoors area that was right on the sea with a breath-taking view. Other than an unblocked view of the Mediterranean Sea you also had an amazing view of the Raouche rock since it was right under you.

However, sitting outside was also a bit scary. Petit Cafe is located right at the edge of the clif with the outside seating area hanging over the cliff with just some rusted metal bars for support. It could be very safe for all I know since I am not an engineer but seeing those rusted metal bars and the fact that we were hanging off a cliff wasn’t very comforting. There is a pink building in the picture above which is right next to Petit Cafe and that building looks like it could crumble any second even.

As far as the food is concerned, I ordered the basics like tabboule, hommos, shanklish, cheese Rolls, kafta & wings. They came in respectable portions and tasted fine. Nothing warranted any discussion.