Pilot Amanda Harrison was set to fly her 1942 Tiger Moth (DH82a) from the UK to Darwin in Australia, crossing over 9,260 nautical Miles and 23 countries in 30 days. The journey was aimed at celebrating women in aviation, inspiring breast cancer survivors, promoting STEM amongst women, inspiring dyslexics to achieve and see dyslexia as a gift not a disability, as well as help creating the “Richard Harrison Aviation Apprenticeship Fund” to fund engineering apprenticeships for women.

Unfortunately for Amanda, she was forced to put her journey on hold after landing in Beirut due to geo-political factors, mainly the unexpected notices issued by the Pakistan, Indian and Oman air traffic control effectively closing airspace to east bound flights from Oman to Pakistan and India (below 24,000ft) which is way above Amanda’s maximum flying height.

Amanda had flown already for 38 hours and 20 minutes, crossing 2,167 Nautical miles over 12 countries and suffering from 1 bird strike, 1 partial engine failure and 1 blown cylinder head. Let’s hope she will be able to resume her journey the soonest.