The product launch and thirty second feature presentation is accessible on Adobe’s website [Here].

You can check out Domaine Public Architect’s projects [Here].

The American multinational computer software company has selected an architectural project design by international Lebanese firm “Domaine Public Architects” for the launch of its new Photoshop CC 2014. The project is featured on the main page of the software product company with the slogan “See the world from a whole new perspective”. The selected project is featured in a thirty second presentation, illustrating how the software can be used by designers to create unique projects.

About Domaine Public Architects

Domaine Public Architects was founded in 2011 by graduates from Harvard University. The firm’s portfolio of work includes projects in the United States, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico and the Middle East. Its experience ranges from galleries, apartments, private houses, hotels, to large scale residential projects and master-plans. The practice provides full architectural, landscape and interior design, masterplanning and furniture design services for public and private clients.