I overheard lately that the government is considering reactivating the trains and tramways and restructuring the railways in order to lessen the daily traffic. I researched a bit about this and found out they have been considering doing so for more than 8 years now !

The last official news goes back to 2007 when the government was looking for funds to restore the Tripoli-Abboudieh railway.

Even though forgotten, railways in Lebanon are highly documented online. Almashriq has all you need to know on trains in Lebanon, from stations, to old pictures, maps etc.
Also, AFAC-Liban (Section Libanaise de l’Association Française des Amis des Chemins de fer) has a whole website dedicated to railways in Lebanon. They even organize exhibitions, publish books and attend social events.

It would be great to have a decent public transportation in Lebanon, as the traffic is becoming unbearable year after year.