Roadster diner introduced proudly their low-cal menu two or three weeks ago and even though it looks delicious and isn’t that bad, the pricing is just unacceptable!

Check out those two burgers, one from the original menu and another from the newly introduced low-cal menu:

P.L.T: Patty, Lettuce and Tomatoes. (7000 LBP)

Ever Slim Burger: Grilled Patty, Lettuce, Grilled onions, Tomatoes, pickles and our Low-cal sauce. (11750 LBP)

The only difference is the onions and the pickles and the low-cal sauce. Do those amount to 4750 Liras?

I was thinking the other day how Chili’s was the most expensive diner in town and is now more affordable than Roadster and many other diners and have much bigger portions.

I hope something is done about those prices in Roadster because I am starting to think twice before going and I am sure many are doing the same, not that I cannot afford it, but it is just not worth it.