As if we needed further pollution and crimes against nature in Lebanon, there are plans apparently to turn the beautiful and historic Adloun beach into a fancy sea port. Adloun is small beautiful town in the South that is best known for its prehistoric caves and its beautiful rocky beach. It is the site of a Phoenician necropolis and archaeological finds from the 19th century reveled uncovered human remains from the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. More importantly, Adloun’s rocky beach is one of the last few sanctuaries for sea turtles, an endangered species, along the Lebanese coast.

sea turtle

Locals and activists, especially The Green Southern Community, have been protesting against this new project and in favor of declaring this beach and the whole Adloun coast as a protected natural area, but things are going the wrong way as excavation works could be initiated anytime now.


This is an environmental disaster to say the least, and the last thing we need is ruining whatever is left of our public beaches. I couldn’t find any information about this project and I’m surprised that no TVs covered this story before. Of course such a matter should be raised normally to the Environment Ministry, but I think we all agree that there’s no point of doing that. All I’m hoping is that this post will help raise awareness on this matter and pressure the authorities to stop this massacre.

If you have further information regarding this story, please do share them because stated Khoury Contracting are executing this project but I couldn’t find it on their website. I found this [article] though which indicates that this whole project is a mess.

PS: You can follow updates [here] and check out Aadloun on the map [here].