Yesterday the Smoking Bun guys called me to hand me an invitation for their new branch opening. When I went down to meet them, a fireman was there waiting for me with a small fire extinguisher labeled “Hamra on Fire” lol! They were also walking around Hamra stamping people to join them and “cool down the fire”.

Smoking Bun is my favorite street burger joint and is now open in Hamra near Mohammad Abdul Baki Street facing Hotel Cavalier. Its original branch is underneath Secteur in the middle of Mar Mikhail and it only offers one burger.

burger I had the double cheese burger yesterday 🙂

It’s small, simple, relatively cheap but its burger is fantastic and the fries are great as well. The meat is cooked medium (medium rare if you want to) and is covered with aged cheddar, the bun is tender and holds up nicely to the burger’s juices and it’s all topped with lettuce, tomato and pickles. The fries are not-too-crispy not-too-soft and come with a house sauce.

Smoking Bun is street food done right. The burger costs 12,000LL, the fries 5,000LL, beer is for 7,500LL and soda for 3,000LL.

You can check out my original review [here].

Hamra is SMOKING! Now open in Hamra #HamraOnFire #SmokingBun

Posted by Smoking Bun on Monday, April 4, 2016