WhatsApp just got a whole lot more secure after rolling out full encryption to all its users. All the text, photos and calls you make are now fully encrypted and can only be read by the recipient, which means that it’s practically impossible for the authorities to intercept messages and access the content of Whatsapp users’ messages.

If you still didn’t receive the notification shown above, then you probably need to update your Whatsapp version to be the latest. The end-to-end encryption also applies Windows Phone and Blackberry. More importantly, you will be able to detect a user running an older version and not supporting encrypted messages as Whatsapp will notify you if the messages are secure or not.

I’m not sure if the Apple-FBI case or the #Panamapapers data breach triggered this move by Whatsapp but I support any move that protects our privacy and keeps our conversations outside the purview of authorities.