When I saw the video of a male stripper performing on Nishan’s new show on Al Jadeed, I was like why are all these TVs sinking to new lows but then I looked up the whole episode and it was a rather interesting one.

Showing the guy stripping without watching the whole 1-hour episode will obviously shock people but the topic at hand was rather well dealt with and I encourage everyone to watch the whole thing before judging Nishan or Elie el Zir ( the male stripper).

Being a stripper or an exotic dancer is a profession that involves performing striptease at a strip club or at a bachelor party or other private events. Some people do it because they like it, others to make some money. Elie loves showing off his body, and he’s not harming anyone then I don’t see why we should bash him the way some are doing so online. His parents are fine with the idea, his uncle is supportive, some of his friends are fine with it, others aren’t so leave the guy alone.

I’ve been to several bachelor parties where they get female strippers or belly dancers, and I know a lot of girls who hire male strippers to their bachelors. Some like it, some don’t. It’s no one’s business to judge this guy as long as he’s not breaking any rules.

If anything, other male strippers should be upset now because Elie got free publicity 😀