Celebrating The Chinese Year Of The Snake – The Largest Snake-shaped Garbage in the world

It looks like our Environment Minister is on his way to New York to take part in the UNDP Conference on Environment. Our minister, a potential candidate for the The “In-Denial Minister” position that will soon be introduced in Lebanon, is keen to show the world how we were able to make use of our garbage crisis to beautify, or should I say Zbelify, our cities and towns.

In fact, the Zbelification of Lebanon is expected be the hottest topic in New York where world environment ministers were invited to gather and discuss educational and environmental issues. The Lebanese officials are planning to showcase their genius plan to stop garbage collection, drop all recycling methods and engage in garbage art.

Here’s a glimpse of The Zbelification process that is already underway:

The Lebanese Zbele pyramid, the tallest and largest garbage pyramid ever built – Opening By end of 2016

Encouraging Live garbage art all around Lebanon

Improving sightseeing in Lebanon by introducing Beit Mery’s garbage dumping show. Trucks dumping all sorts of garbage and garbage burning sessions will be available for all visitors

Pop garbage art around famous memorials and sites

Organizing garbage flash mobs to promote co-existence between all groups regardless of their color and shape.