The ReVa machines are based on the 3Rs principle: Recycle, Redeem and Reward. They accept empty juice bottles and cans, soft drink bottles and cans and water bottles and give in return green coupons which AUB staff or students can exchange later on for free water bottles, Plat Du Jour or even free guest passes at CHSC.

This is a great initiative to help spread awareness and improve the recycling process at AUB. So far 3 ReVa machines were installed at Ada Dodge Cafeteria, Charles Hostler Student Center and AUBMC Cafeteria as part of the pilot program and hopefully the idea will spread to other universities and even businesses. Based on AUB article, the number of bottles placed inside the machines during the month of February reached around 9000 bottles.

Spinneys already has ReVa machines in all its branches.