I must say i was wrong to underestimate the impact of those new radars installed by the ISF on the Lebanese drivers. They are so far way more efficient than random checkpoints and are resulting in a safer and more controlled driving, to a certain extent of course.

I still believe radars should not be kept as secret so that people get used to them and that some speed limits should be reconsidered, but driving on the highway is becoming more and more pleasant and few accidents are happening as a result.

The Trapster should not be banned as there is nothing wrong in taking extra precaution when knowing that a radar is nearby. After all, those radars were set to slow down Lebanese drivers, and not just fine them for the sake of it.

So in all, i must applaud Minister Ziad Baroud for this initiative and hope that he will follow it thoroughly and steadily, because it’s proving to be highly efficient and that’s not something you get that easily in Lebanon.