I went to watch a play called “Too much love … kills” by Ghassan Rahbani featuring Melhem Barakat in Baalbeck last thursday and i must say it was a very dissapointing trip. I enjoyed my friends’ company and all but the trip is just not worth it. The only thing that’s worthy visiting in Baalbeck is the temple and to be more specific inside the temple. Everything surrounding it and outside it is just disgusting. You feel like you’ve landed in Bab el Tebbeneh or worse.

I left Beirut around 5:30 and went by bus with Nakhal tours to Baalbeck. The trip took around 2 hours and a half and included a stop at Massabni in Zahle for a small snack. Once there, we have to walk all the way from the parking to the entrance and it is a very unpleasant walk. Lots of smells and kids selling corn and S7eeha B3albakiyye which is some sort of Lahm Baajine. It is usually delicious but when i saw the stands selling it and then wrapping it in newspapers, i didn’t feel like eating them at all.

At the entrance of the temple, i spotted a Hezbollah museum. I am quite sure it is illegal to place political stands near cultural sites but i wasn’t surprised to see one. It is quite impressive the things Lebanese do to keep away tourists.

Nevertheless, the amphitheatre is breath-taking along with the temples and majestic columns and you really forget all about the outside when you are in. The play was not the greatest i’ve seen. Ghassan Rahbani was trying too hard to impress and it was a bit messed up but it was enjoyable to watch still.

The way back was quicker and took around an hour and a half. Overall, one can easily go by car to Baalbeck unlike what most people claim but believe me it’s not worth it one single bit.