Sergeant Chadi el Hajj died after being shot by car thieves last week in Nahr el Mott and another policeman, Lance Cpl. Afif Jaafar was shot in Ouzai while chasing a high-profile wanted suspect.

It’s always re-assuring to see ISF cracking down on thieves and criminals but losing two officers within a week time is a heavy price to pay for that, especially when most of these criminals end up sneaking out of prison and hiding in the Bekaa.

On another note, I am surprised that videos are emerging online showing how and where the officers were shot and killed. I’m not really sure if such videos should be shared in the first place especially when there’s an ongoing investigation.

I am not embedding the video here only linking to it, but I think the ISF should pull them out and advise against sharing them online out of respect for the martyrs’ families.