For all gin fans in Lebanon, there are currently two Lebanese gins in the market, The Three Brothers Gin and Jun Lebanese Gin. 3Brothers gin was created by a group of Lebanese bartenders after years of dedicating their hearts and minds to their lifetime passion for mixology and bartending while Jun is a new craft gin distillery which opened its doors last June in Rechmaya.

Here’s a small description of each:

3Brothers gin:

Lebanese Juniper berries are macerated then infused along with 21 botanicals in a premium neutral grain spirit. Each of the botanicals has been carefully picked to bring the Lebanese aroma to life with every sip, like carob fruit, jujube fruit, olive leaves, coriander seeds, rose petals, cedars leaves, pine barks, and hawthorn leaves.
To Top it off, a few ingredients were added such as pistachio, grapefruit peel, lavender and other ingredients.The THREE BROTHERS BATHTUB GIN is handcrafted in small batches by bartenders, 100% neutral with no sugar or artificial additives.

3Brothers can be found at Spirits & More, the Wooden Cellar, Life Spirits, Alcoholina, The Malt Gallery, Gustave Bouchon and others …

Jun Lebanese gin:

Jun is the only gin served on MEA airlines business class.

We are selling jun in a lottt of places and we are the only gin served on MEA airlines business class. Jun is found at the Malt Gallery and you can purchase it online on their website or via 209Lebanesewine.

Short for Juniper, Jun tastes like music, Nature, and the month of June. But it also tastes like 9 locally used botanicals that have been lovingly combined to create a complex character not quite like anything else.

Organic lebanese juniper(excelsa) | coriander | ginger | galangal | mastic | rosemary | bayleaf | orange | lemon

It begins with the sweet aromas of mastic, blending with the summery smells of localy grown rosemary, orange & lemon, which linger on the lips for that first delicious sip. But it doesn’t end there…. There’s a spicy finish of ginger, galangal, coriander and bay leaves that never borders on aggressive, while the wild juniper excelsa from the Bekaa mountains, signs off with the distinct kiss of nostalgic native flavours. Everything contributes to the cheerfulness.