Update: Yasa updated the title and added “Very Dangerous And Illegal Driver”. Thank you Yasa and Captain Moutran for the follow up.

I love Yasa and the work they are doing but one of their recent posts on Facebook caught my attention. They shared a video of some idiotic motorist who’s showing off on the highway and wrote a title that says ” بالفيديو لبناني مجنون يذهل الناس احكم بنفسك”. If I didn’t know what Yasa stood for, I would think they were complimenting this guy, specially when they mentioned that he had a “casque” on his head.

I think what’s even more surprising is how no one arrested this guy as he was showing off on a crowded highway (Dora) during the holidays where policemen should be all everywhere to help with traffic congestion.

Check the video [Here].