It’s taken the world by storm and got lots of governments trembling and a lot of politicians hiding away, but honestly i think it is a very bad idea or at least a very badly executed plan.

Why a very bad idea?
1- Because anyone could come up with some transcript or document or theory and submit it and cause a shitstorm based on nonsense.

2- Whatever comes out of a minister’s mouth does not mean is going to happen nor necessarily reflects any truth. Some talks might have been side talks or talks when getting drunk with some friends.

If i am having dinner with a prominent politician and he’s joking on how Israel could have did this or that to infiltrate Lebanon and i leak it to Wikileaks, it doesn’t really mean he is an Israeli collaborator helping the Jewish state defeat Hezbollah even though it will be portrayed that way.

I am not trying to discuss politics here, nor want to drag this post into a political one as we don’t do that here, but what i am trying to point out is how this Assange guy is not invading privacy only, but allowing fraud people who come up with the crappiest of reports based on James Bond Theories to be taken seriously and threaten a country’s safety.

I really hope he stays in prison and for a long time.