I was picking up some Manakish from Furn Beaino yesterday around noon when a middle-aged man walks in and asks the owner if someone came and ordered 4 Zaatar, 4 Lahm Baajine and 4 Jebneh in the past hour. The owner answers him back that no one had placed such an order today. As it appears, the guy, who’s a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, had sent his two young kids ( a boy and a girl) to get Manakish an hour and a half ago and they still didn’t come back home so he got worried and went looking for them.

I felt bad for him especially with all the kidnappings that are happening and thought of helping him out before he told the owner on his way out: “I will go now but please if they come back to your place, hurry up with the order and don’t delay them”.

Seriously? His kids are missing and that’s what he can think of? The owner was speechless for a second and one of the customers started laughing.