We’ve been hearing for few months now about the “illegally” hired new employees in the public sector yet we have no idea who’s behind it. In fact, all parties seem to be denying it and want an investigation which is quite funny considering they have been in power for decades.

In short, the hiring freeze that came into effect in 2017 forbid any new hirings by public institutions, including ministries and municipalities, yet somehow over 4,500 people were hired in 2018 only, causing an significant and “unexpected” increase in the expenses. Finance Minister (Amal) is claiming ministers and municipalities did not abide by the law, and Hawat (Lebanese Forces) demanded answers on that matter, while Kanaan (Tayyar) submitted a report to Berri to kick off the investigation. Looking back at old news articles, Hezbollah and Future Movement also denied hiring people.

Who’s left? If all parties in power are denouncing this violation when who did it? Unless of course they all took part in it for electoral purposes and are just releasing statements to look good. In all cases, there’s an ongoing investigations by the Central Inspection Bureau and Parliament’s Finance and Budget Committee, so let’s wait and see who’s gonna pay the price, or if we will ever hear again about these allegations.