Chahe sent me this picture ten days ago from the Beirut Airport asking me why there’s a plate number on the car. For those who don’t know, lottery draws on new cars and bikes are held at the airport on a regular basis.

While checking the Scuderia Phoenicia post by Mark, I spotted the same car with an identical plate number on display in a showroom on the Dora highway. I think this is Antypas’ showroom and the picture was taken in April.

That doesn’t look right, especially that once you win the car, you still have to pay the customs duty.

Update: The Beirut Duty Free have clarified the situation by stating the following:

Dear All, Thank you for highlighting the promotion. We can assure you that the Car you mentione dand all other prizes on offer in the Duty Free are brand new and has never been previously owned or registered in any country. The below is a staement form Lotus company on the issue:

“Regarding your expressed concern on the subject of the Lotus Evora GTE edition that has been photographed at Ste. J. Antypas showroom in Dora, please note the following. Ste. J. Antypas are sub-agents for Lotus cars in Lebanon and the mentioned car, among others, was on display in their showroom as part of the launch events related to Lotus Cars Lebanon. Ste. J. Antypas are eligible to display our new Lotus cars on consignment by Lotus Cars Lebanon. We confirm that the same car that is now on display in Rafic Hariri Airport – Duty Free Zone is NOT pre-owned.”

I hope that this clreas up any concern that you may have.