If you listened lately to Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s latest song “Young, Wild and Free” on Radio One, you’d notice it’s censored. (Listen to Video above)

Instead of hearing:
“So What we get drunk, So what we don’t sleep”
You hear:
“So What we get, So what we don’t sleep”

I thought at first it was “high” and not “drunk” but then I checked the lyrics. Added to that, “So what we don’t sleep” was originally “So what we smoke weed”.

I can understand censoring weed even though “Smoke one, roll one” are still there, but can anyone explain to me why aren’t we allowed to hear the term “drunk”?

PS: I assume the song is also censored on NRJ, LightFM & MixFM but I am not sure.