Mauritania’s Epic Reply to Lebanon’s Health Minister Remarks

Lebanon's Health Minister Wael Abou Faour was overheard questioning Mauritania's ability to host top delegations back in July, and his comments "triggered a spat between Lebanon and Mauritania, where Lebanese officials were attacked by journalists and on social media". He did later on deny insulting Mauritania in any way but that didn't stop a local TV there from bashing our politicians and giving two convincing reasons for which the Lebanese delegation did not stay in…

Human Rights Watch Response To Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Over Discriminatory Nationality Law

Human Rights Watch issued a statement to respond to Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil's controversial tweet on the nationality law and stated that the foreign minister’s remarks "undermine efforts to reform a discriminatory nationality law that is incompatible with Lebanon’s human rights obligations”. Some even labeled Bassil's comments as being racist and sectarian. Personally speaking, I can't follow his logic as to why Lebanese men are allowed to pass the nationality why Lebanese women can't, and…

Top Chef Middle East Starts On September 21

3 months ago
I usually follow Top Chef France and I love it. The Top Chef Lebanon edition wasn’t that great to be honest, so I hope this one will be better. The judges for Top Chef Middle ...

First Arabic TAG Heuer Digital Watch Face Designed by Lebanese Yazan Halwani

4 months ago
Lebanese graffiti and street artist Yazan Halawani has been commissioned by Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer to design the first ever Arabic face for its Connected watch. The Arabic watch-face design was launched last week ...

The 2016/2017 QS World University Rankings: AUB Up To 228th Place Globally, 3rd In The Arab World

4 months ago
The American University of Beirut has improved its global ranking by 40 spots and is now among the top 250 universities worldwide according to The 2016/2017 QS World University Rankings. It is also among the ...

There are Still Lebanese Prisoners in Assad’s Saydnaya Prison, Possibly The Worst Place on Earth

4 months ago
Ex-detainees and architects have built an accurate model of the Saydnaya Syrian prison based using ‘ear-witness’ and The Guardian is describing Assad’s most brutal prison as the worst place on Earth. Amnesty international reports that ...

Lebanon’s Best Team Sport is Surprisingly Rugby League

5 months ago
The Independent surveyed the world rankings of the most popular team sports and came up with a map that shows which sport each country is best at. The team sports featured were football, rugby Union, ...

Pokemon Theme Song – Arabic Version

5 months ago
Source: Arabish Here’s a funny Arabic interpretation of Pokemon theme song by Arabish but those Pokemons on their mouths are a bit creepy, especially Pikachu. Here’s the Karaoke version: [YouTube] ...

Lebanon Improving In The Networked Readiness Index

5 months ago
The Global Information Technology Report (GITR) is prepared by the World Economic Forum, INSEAD and Cornell University and examines “the increasing proliferation of technology and its effects on advancing global prosperity”. Digital innovation is reshaping ...

A Bullet Resistant Kefiyyeh (Head Scarf) by Beirut-Based Architect Salim al-Kadi

6 months ago
A Beirut-based architect has created a bullet resistant Kefiyyeh made out of “para-aramid synthetic fibre – otherwise known as Kevlar – which is used in body armor like bulletproof vests to help guard the wearer ...