Ex-PM Najib Mikati Tops Lebanon’s Billionaires For 2017

Forbes' 2017 Billionaires list is out and this year's list was topped by Bill Gates followed by Warren Buffett and Amazon's Jeff Bezos in third spot with $72.8 Billion. As far as Lebanon is concerned, Najib & Taha Mikati continue to top Lebanon's Billionaires list with $2.6 Billion each, followed by Bahaa Hariri and Robert Mouawad . I could not find Saad Hariri on the list.

Global Fire Power 2016 Report: Lebanon Ranked 68th out of 126, KSA Third Worldwide

Globalfirepower published a list featuring countries ranked by their military budgets for the year 2015. The info is not 100% accurate but it pretty much gives you an estimate of where Arab countries stand in terms of global fire power. The United States obviously topped the list as its defense budget spending of around $581 billion dollars is almost as much as the next 14 countries put together. As far as Arab countries are concerned,…

Lebanese Women Entrepeneurs Highlighted in #Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness Initiative

6 months ago
Facebook recently launched the #SheMeansBusiness global program to train and inspire women entrepreneurs on using Facebook and Instagram as platforms for their businesses. They are partnering with organizations in the UAE and Egypt to enable ...

Harvard Business Review: Arab Inventors Make the U.S. More Innovative

6 months ago
HBR recently published a research showing how Arab immigrants have made major contributions to American science and technology. The aim is to document the extent of Arab contributions to American innovation at times where the ...

Attention all Lebanese Developers: Join The Facebook Messenger Challenge

7 months ago
Facebook is challenging all Middle East Developers to create the smartest bots for FB Messenger and asking people to sign up and join the contest. Developers, in teams of up to three people, are invited ...

ASHEKMAN Taking Part in Saudi Arabia’s First Ever Comic-Con

7 months ago
Saudi Arabia is currently hosting its first ever Comic-con, a three-day festival of anime, pop art, video gaming and film-related events. Two prominent “Game of Thrones” stars attended the event: Julian Glover (Grand Maester Pycelle) ...

Transforming Arabic Words Into Illustrations Showing Their Meaning

7 months ago
I’m not really sure who’s behind these illustrations to be honest but I love the concept and execution. Basically, they manipulated Arabic words and turned them into illustrations that show the literal meaning of these ...

Royal Jordanian Mocks Trump’s “Muslim” Ban Once Again

7 months ago
RJ took another hit at Trump’s Muslim ban by slashing their prices and changing the Ban to “Bon Voyage”. The old ad that came out before Trump won said “Just in case he wins … ...

Appointment of a Lebanese as Head of PR Causing a Stir in Saudi Arabia

7 months ago
I have no idea who Kristie Sarkis is, but her recent appointment in a senior position at Saudi Airlines has caused a twitter storm in Saudi Arabia. Saudis are upset that their national airline chose ...

The 2016 Democracy Index: Lebanon a Hybrid Regime, The U.S A Flawed Democracy

7 months ago
The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index for the year 2016 is out. It is a yearly report that classifies countries as one of four types of regimes: – Full Democracy: a nation where civil liberties ...