Sabrina Sato in #Beirut

You've probably never heard of Sabrina Sato but she's very well known in Brazil and has a very popular show. I was checking her Instagram and she has like 9 million followers. The only reason I know about her is because a Lebanese-Brazilian friend of mine told me about her a couple of years back when she started her own show and how she's 1/4 Lebanese, not that it really matters. According to her page,…

Max w Antar is a New Low in Lebanese Cinema

I cannot believe I am saying that, but I actually found a movie that is even worse than Bebe. I'm speechless to be honest. The direction, the sound effects, the plot, the jokes, the scenes, I don't know where to start. The movie is so bad it made me appreciate Bebe as a movie. It's so bad it made me appreciate Carlos Azar movies. It's so bad it made Anis Tabet talk about how bad…

Top Chef Middle East Starts On September 21

7 months ago
I usually follow Top Chef France and I love it. The Top Chef Lebanon edition wasn’t that great to be honest, so I hope this one will be better. The judges for Top Chef Middle ...

“Film Kteer Kbeer” To Represent Lebanon At The 2016 Oscars

7 months ago
“Film Kteer Kbeer” or “Very Big Shot”, a film directed by Jean Bou Chaaya, was nominated by the Ministry of Culture to represent Lebanon officially at the 89th Academy Awards (Oscars) under the category of ...

Ziad Rahbani’s Film Ameriki Tawil Coming To Theaters in Mid-October

7 months ago
“Bennesbeh Labokra Chou?” was brought to theaters back in January 2016 and as promised, M Media is rolling out a second Ziad Rahbani play and one of his most popular ones “Film Ameriki Tawil” in ...

“Nocturne in Black” By Jimmy Keyrouz is a Student Academy Award Winner!

7 months ago
“Nocturne in Black” was among the 2016 Student Academy Awards finalists under “Narrative” and was declared a winner yesterday! The Student Academy Awards were established by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the ...

IMAX Theater To Open By Mid September at VOX Cinemas – City Centre Beirut

8 months ago
VOX Cinemas are putting the final touches on their IMAX theater that will be available by mid-September hopefully. I passed by today to check it out and it should be done very soon. I already ...

Nocturne In Black By Jimmy Keyrouz Among The 2016 Student Academy Awards Finalists

8 months ago
The official list of Student Academy Awards finalists is out and “Nocturne in Black” by Jimmy Keyrouz from Columbia University is among them. Jimmy Keyrouz is a New York based director and screenwriter. He completed ...

Texas A&M University To Honor Lebanese Jean-Claude Kalache, DOP at Pixar Studios

8 months ago
Photo Credits: [VentureBeat] Jean-Claude Kalache traveled to the US in 1990 to continue his studies and earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in 1993 and a Master of Science in Visualization degree in 1997. ...
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A Dive From The Top Of Raouche Back in 1983

9 months ago
There are very few documented jumps from the Raouche rock but apparently it was quite common back in the old days and people would do it to show off not to commit suicide. The below ...