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Waterfront City Centre – Dbayeh

WaterFront City Animation

While reading Executive Magazine’s interview with MAF Properties senior mall manager Sleiman Mallat, I noticed that he talked about a new mall planned for Waterfront City in Dbayyeh, the Waterfront City Centre. I couldn’t find further details on related to this mall though.

Here’s what he said:

Q:You have much experience in the mall business in Lebanon, including working with the ABC Mall. How do you see the business of building and operating malls evolving in Lebanon?

A: Lebanese developers mainly develop small shopping centers that are not real malls. The complete offering is what will differentiate this shopping center from the small shopping malls. ABC is a shopping mall and City Mall is also a shopping mall, but as I said, Lebanon is underserved. All studies show that we can develop more shopping malls in Lebanon and we have another project, the Waterfront City Centre in Dbayeh.

I will keep you posted as soon as I find out more about it.

Future Waterfront city

Beirut City Centre mall opening very soon

Picture via Gino

The 62,000 square meters mall is set to open very soon and we already have pictures of how it will look like from the outside and few leaked pictures by Gino from inside the mall. Beirut City Centre will have the largest Carrefour store in the Middle East (13,000 sqm) and new shops that Mark has leaked few months ago, mainly FatBurger and Shake Shack, in addition to a Marks & Spencer shop, Magic Planet for Children and Vox Cinemas.

Beirut City Centre will be a nice addition to the malls we already have and is at a very strategic location in Beirut. More than $350 million dollars have been invested in the construction of this mall.

According to Sleiman Malla, who’s a senior mall manager for MAF properties, the mall is set to open in March but looking at the pictures, I don’t see that happening to be honest.

Picture via Gino

Picture via


Israeli lighters sold at Beirut’s airport


We should call it from now on security and control-free area not duty-free area.

According to reports in the Arab country, a Lebanese company selling products at the Beirut International Airport is knowingly marketing goods and products originating in Israel, including lighters.

The report presented a form allegedly showing that certain goods arrived from Milan, but another form was discovered behind it. The second form stated that the goods had arrived in Milan from the Ben-Gurion Airport. [Source]


BaytBaytak is a map-based website that links directly home buyers and renters to the property owner. The idea was launched back in September 2012 and the first version of BaytBaytak has become available today!

You can search by range of prices, number of bedrooms and apartment sizes. I am sure those of you looking for an apartment (Rent or Sale) will find it very useful and will be more than happy not to pay brokers. Too bad BaytBaytak wasn’t there when I needed it 2 years back.

Posting new listings is not yet available but there’s a considerable number of entries already.

Check it out [Here] and follow updates on BaytBaytak’s Facebook Page [Here].


The Ministry of Tourism’s SmiLebanon Campaign


Based on what I read on BrofessionalReview, the SmiLebanon campaign was launched by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the 50 days sales period initiated by the Tourism Minister himself and encourage Arab tourists to come visit Lebanon.

The first ad is nice (a bit too emotional though?) while the second is horrible, but I don’t see how those ads are supposed to bring us any tourists. Maybe it’s safer if we go back to showing hot Lebanese girls in pubs and on the beach, or make a winter version of the [Lebanon Blues] campaign, or even better include our gorgeous Miss Lebanon and her twin sister in one of the ads.


Little Beirut Bath gift baskets


You want firepower? We got firepower!!! From Little Beirut Bath Comes an arsenal of weapons that will make the most seasoned infantrymen jealous. Packed in this crate, is an assortment of scented 1:1 soap replicas. This weapons package is guaranteed to impress regardless the occasion. [Link]

The shop that sells those gun-shaped soaps is in Portland, Oregon and is owned by Drew Clifford. According to Blogger Jad Aoun, who initially posted about it, Oregon has been nicknamed “Little Beirut” by former US President George Bush Sr. following violent riots there in the 1990s, which could explain the shop’s name, but as Jad continues and I agree, he’s simply making use of Beirut to market his products.

I wonder if any legal action can be taken against this guy to force him to remove the name “Beirut” from his products, because it’s shameful to portray Beirut in that way, regardless of what’s been happening lately.