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Love Translator App by The Mukhi Sisters

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It’s no secret that men and women don’t always get each other. That’s why the Mukhi sisters have come up with a fun Valentine app that translates what women really mean. Men just type in what women are telling them and the app translates the sentence to “English”. In case Love Translator doesn’t return an answer, you could always suggest one with the help of your wife/fiancee/gf or just “Break the language barrier” and get a jewelry suggestion. I think that’s a pretty cool idea and I would love to see a compilation of the best suggested answers after a while.

Speaking of jewelry, I never understood why women or anyone for that sake love getting jewelry so much. Personally speaking, that’s like the worst gift I could get from anyone.

Born to an Indian father and a Lebanese mother, the Mukhi Sisters bring you the best of both worlds in contemporary jewelry pieces. Passion for jewelry was innate and inherited by their parents who have been renowned jewelers for years. Each their own design and their own personal touch, the Mukhi Sisters line of jewelry is sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

The app is available only on the iTunes Store. [Download]

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Buying Polaroids In Lebanon

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Test is a website that sells polaroid cameras in Lebanon.

Here are the models available for sale:
– The legendary SX-70
– The Impulse series
– The supercolor 635 CL series

For the lovers of Analog Instant Photography, InstaLeb is happy to introduce
the vintage polaroid line of cameras alongside the newly developed Impossible Film to Lebanon.
Created by the visionary Dr. Edwin Land, and used by various artists such as Andy Warhol,
Helmut Newton and André Kertész, the integral line is still considered by many as a timeless invention.
So why don’t you give it a try and capture a moment to remember?

Thanks Chehimi!

The Middle East’s first 3D Print Shop in Mar Mikhail

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Picture taken from NowLebanon

Update: Here’s a link to the price list [Here]. Thank you Yasmine!

It would be interesting to see if this technology will pick up in Lebanon. I am not sure how much it costs and there’s no mention of the prices on the Bakery’s [website], so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Last month, Mar Mikhael became home to the Middle East’s first 3D printing shop – a walk in ‘fab lab’ allowing customers to print their digital designs as solid 3D objects.

The store’s founder and principal, Guillaume Credoz, explained the technology to NOW using the example of a Beirut taxi driver’s decades-old Mercedes.

“Say a part in this car has blown, but spares are not made any more – not in Lebanon, not anywhere else in the world. The only other that exists is in the car of a collector in the States. We could have this part scanned to create a digital file, receive the file in an email, and print a perfect copy in a durable material. The process could be complete in a day or two, and the customer can drive away.”

First Visit to Beirut City Centre

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After my early walk in Mar Mikhail on Sunday, I thought I pass by Beirut City Centre and check it out.

It was around 1 pm when I got to Beirut City Centre and traffic was relatively reasonable. The entrance to the parking was crowded so I didn’t bother wait to park inside and found a spot easily in the large parking lots (not yet paved with asphalt) outside the mall.

The mall inside is huge. It consists of four levels with over 200 stores. The big stores open or set to open are Carrefour on the Ground Level and Level 1, CentrePoint on the Ground Level, H&M on Level1 and Marks & Spencer on Level2. You can check out the full list of stores [Here].




Level3 is the Terrace and is not yet open but I was able to check it out and take few pictures. As you can see from the pictures below, Roadster Diner will open next to the Cheese Cake Factory and Shake Shack. Vox Cinemas are also still under construction and look nice. I also spotted Nasma Restaurant (Previously known as Basma) and P.F. Chang’s.






Beirut City Centre Now Open

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Picture taken by Gino

Here are few pictures of the Beirut City Centre that opened yesterday. There are a lot of shops and restaurants that are still not open such as the Cheese Cake Factory, Shake Shack and Fat Burger but they are coming very soon from what I heard. Carrefour was the main attraction yesterday as they were offering a lot of items with great discounts.

I am passing by this weekend so I will have more pictures and information to share.

Picture taken by Rami

Picture taken by Rami

Victoria’s Secret opening at City Mall and Beirut City Centre

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via +961

Victoria’s Secret will be opening soon at City Mall Dora and Beirut City Centre. Let’s hope they get Adriana Lima or Adriana Karembeu for the opening.

They should put their latest $2.5 million Fantasy Bra (See above video) on display. I am sure they will find customers among Lebanese or Arabs.

Beirut City Centre officially opening on April 4th

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Beirut City Centre

Majid Al Futtaim Properties announced today that the long-awaited Beirut City Centre will open its doors to the Lebanese community on April 4th. This will Al Futtaim’s first mall in the Levant region.

Here are few things that will be found at Beirut City Centre that I have mentioned in earlier posts:
– Lebanon’s first Carrefour hypermarket.
– The first Magic Planet family entertainment centre.
– A state-of-the-art VOX Cinemas multiplex.
– Victoria’s Secret
– The Cheesecake Factory
– ShakeShack
– FatBurger

More importantly, Beirut City Center will create around 1,200 permanent retail positions once open. I will keep you posted once I visit it (Hopefully on the launching) and try ShakeShack and The Cheesecake Factory.

PayPal soon in Lebanon

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Update: I just noticed Mustapha already mentioned the good news.

I met two guys from PayPal at the ArabNet conference today and they informed me that Lebanon will soon be authorized on PayPal (They didn’t say how soon though). I asked them whether Lebanon is blocked due to political reasons and they said that it is not related and that there are many countries in the Middle East not yet allowed to use the service. In fact, even Russia is not yet on their authorized countries’ list but will be very soon.